Research about health benefits of fish and seafood consumption for Seafood shop & restaurant “Θάλασσα Ψαραγορά”



Menu modification and nutrition analysis of menu items of Daily Chef



Creation of “Healthy Menu” with light and nutrition options for Be* Restaurant

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Nutrition consultant at 5 Olive Oil
Project: Creation and nutrition analysis of healthy, balanced recipes according to the organoleptic characteristics of each variety of olive oil.
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5 olive oil



Nutrition consultant food company TuVunu
Project: Scientific research about the health benefits of Sideritis compound (greek mountain tea)




Collaboration with Rialto Caffé & Wine Bar, Thessaloniki
Project: Creation and nutrition analysis of healthy dishes, smoothies and side-dishes for wine.




Collaboration with Bettina Stores
Project: Creation of healthy summer recipes that were given for free to the clients.