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We offer special prices when buying a number of follow-ups. Contact us for details!

  • Have your last meal 3 hours prior to our meeting
  • Don’t drink water or other beverages 1 hour prior to our meeting
  • Don’t drink alcohol 6 hours prior to our meeting
  • Don’t exercise for 12 hour prior to our meeting
  • If you are taking any prescription medicatoin, are pregnant or have a pacemaker we contact us before our meeting.
  • If you have any recent blood work/labs, please bring it with you.

We get all the information we need to create a fitting, creative and realistic meal plan for you. We collect:

  • Medical history
  • Social lifestyle informationύ
  • Nutrition habits
  • Pertinent labs (if applicable)
  • Anthropometric measurements (only for in-office appointments)

There is no correct answer for that. The follow-ups are tailored to your needs, preferences and progress. Upon your initial meeting, we will make a plan for you to help you organize your future visits.

The initial appointment is about an hour and the follow-ups are 30 minutes (in-office and online).

You can make an appointment by sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram, by calling us on Skype, viber or Whatsapp, through our online appointment manager or by sending us an email

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